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As you wend your way through the forest driveway, on your way to Deloraine Homestead, your getaway experience starts the moment you enter the gates.

The self-contained brick cottage near the main house has large glass windows to take in the panoramic views of the Yarra Valley. This is the Yarra Valley at its best. Deloraine Homestead is perfect in every season. In spring, the trees are starting to bud and the cherry blossoms float around on the breeze. Overhead you may be lucky enough to see a pair of soaring eagles drifting on the warm air currents of the Yarra Valley. Wild deer venture out from the adjacent State forest to graze at night.
Deloraine Homestead
In summer, enjoy those long, hot, hazy days with a tour of the Yarra Valley vineyards. We use and recommend "A Tour With Taste" Explore the Yarra Valley and all it has to offer. Come back to Deloraine Homestead for a relaxing evening and enjoy your Yarra Valley wine and cheese and other goodies that you have picked up from the Yarra Valley Gourmet Food Trail. The nights may be hot and quiet; the only sound our mopoke owl, "Marion".

Deloraine Homestead is quiet and romantic. On still nights you will feel as though you can touch the Southern Cross as it hovers over the Yarra Valley.

Autumn is a wonderful time in the Yarra Valley. Experience the autumn leaves at Deloraine Homestead bed and breakfast. The surrounding vineyards of the Yarra Valley turn to amethyst, red and golden rusts.
The nights of the Yarra Valley close in and the air becomes crisp, clean and quiet.

Yarra Valley in the autumn

When winter comes to Deloraine Homestead in the Yarra Valley, the leaves are gone from the vineyards, the nights get longer and colder. Snug and warm in your cottage at Deloraine Homestead bed and breakfast you can spend the evening in front of the fire, sipping a glass of red wine, enjoying an anti-pasto platter of Yarra Valley cheeses or a tasting plate of house made cakes and slices. Our tea and coffee are exclusively blended for Deloraine Homestead. In the morning a thick blanket of fog may appear down in the valley in front of Deloraine Homestead bed and breakfast, this usually heralds a magnificent but cold winter's day. Perhaps the rain or even the snow will be lashing down, blanketing the Yarra Valley and there is nothing better to do than stoke the fire, open a bottle of Yarra Valley wine and sit back and enjoy the peace and beauty that you have found.

By arrangement, we can organise for relaxing facials and massages to take place in your accommodation.

"Luxury Facial"

Luxury facial

This is the signature facial for Deloraine Homestead, and can be described as a total body experience. With the traditions of a conventional facial where cleansing toning exfoliating, speciality French clay masks are applied also a speciality hand and feet treatment including exfoliating nail trim and gloss application.

Rest assured it doesn't end there. The pampering continues with head, shoulder and d├ęcolletage massage, another treatment mask and a day cream, eye gel, a lip balm applied to moisturise your lips and to finish a cleanse, exfoliate and moisture massage treatment to your back. "Aromatherapy Massage"

Aromatherapy massageThe aromatherapy massage is designed to relax your body and mind. Gae is an internationally accredited professional practitioner of Aromatherapy Massage and Holistic Body Massage.

Gae offers a choice of therapies in the comfort of Deloraine Homestead. The use of natural aromatic oils can help to balance the mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy can help to restore the body's natural balance through the correct selection of aromatic oils chosen in your pre-massage consultation.

Reflexology involves massage of the reflex areas of the feet. Reflexology is particularly useful for the relief of stress, tension and stress related disorders. Reflexology is so relaxing that we suggest your only thought is to snuggle into your king sized bed and sleep soundly until you wake in the morning totally refreshed and re-invigorated.

Afternoon Tea

teapot.jpgAfternoon tea on your private veranda overlooking the valley is a treat not to be missed. Reminiscent of times gone by, this is presented on beautiful bone china, tea in a teapot, a selection of scones with fresh cream, home made jams and fresh strawberries.

Chocolate mud cake, mars bar slice, lemon slice and a gorgeous boiled fruitcake are some of the delights that you and your partner or a group of friends could be enjoying on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Warburton and surrounds

We are close to the quaint town of Warburton situated at the base of Mount Donna Buang. Donna Buang is an aboriginal word meaning, "Body of a woman lying down sleeping". This conjures up images of a woman so totally relaxed that she has fallen asleep with her head resting on her folded arm. This state of total relaxation is something that we strive to give our guests here at Deloraine Homestead.

Warburton rail trail

The Warburton Rail Trail is 35 kilometres long and extends from Lilydale to Warburton. It is an ideal walking and bike trail that has a gradual incline going towards Warburton. There is also the newly opened O'Shannassy Aqueduct trail that is opening up areas that people have never been able to access. The views from the trail at the top of Dee Road in Millgrove are awe-inspiring.

Warburton is a wonderful town where there are any number of cafes and restaurants to enjoy a coffee and soak up the atmosphere. A unique attraction is that in Thomas Avenue, behind the shops, you can walk to the edge of the Yarra and enjoy the cleanest water to paddle or even swim in. Lucky swimmers have seen platypus swimming near the banks on warm days.

I have lived in this area for thirty-five years and know many hidden spots that are known only to locals. On your stay here, ask where you can go for a walk or drive.


Luxury is our priority, make it yours!

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